Due to illegal hunting and deforestation over the years, the number of rhinos have diminished from about 800 individuals to just 100, Executive Director of Yayasan Badak Indonesia (YABI) Widodo Ramono was quoted as saying by a Jakarta-based Vietnam News Agency reporter.

According to the rhino fund’s head, areas once inhabited by the animal such as Bengkulu, Jambi and West Sumatra now have no traces of any individuals. Lampung is the only home to the 100 survivors.

Founded in 2006 with the mission of protecting the rare and precious species from extinction, YABI has taken steps and initiatives to create a safe and sustainable habitat for them.

In addition to the efforts of organisations and authorities of all levels, the work also takes the involvement of people into consideration, Widodo Ramono said.

Therefore, the government should pay care to improving public awareness in parallel with ensuring areas for forest-based inhabitants, he urged.-VNA