Indonesian, US marine soldiers hold joint drills hinh anh 1

Indonesian and United States marines soldiers during a training exercise in the Tumpang Pitu Forest, Banyuwangi District, on June 13. (Photo

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian and US marine soldiers have been conducting a joint training exercise, named “Reconex 21-II”, in mountainous areas of Tumpang Pitu Lampon, Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java.

Indonesian Marine Lieutenant Colonel Supriyono, commander of the exercise, said that jungle warfare exercises will help soldiers meet demands of the mission in all types of terrain and weather quickly. Meanwhile, Indonesian Marine Amphibious Reconnaissance (Taifib) Corps and United States Marine Corps (USMC) Force Reconnaissance held jungle patrol exercises.

According to Supriyono, the exercise aimed at strengthening the combat capabilities of the two countries’ marine soldiers who are faced with jungle and mountainous terrain. In addition, the drills will also help improve the professionalism of the two countries' marine soldiers in dispatching troops.

In terms of survival tactics, the Indonesian Marines' amphibious scouts coordinated and instructed the US counterparts on how to survive in the jungle./.