Indonesia’s export turnover hits 15.58 billion USD in March hinh anh 1(Source:
Jakarta (VNA)Indonesia’s export turnover reached 15.58 billion USD in March 2018, up 10.24 percent from the figure of 14.13 billion USD in February, according to the country’s Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

Indonesia’s exports in March were fueled by an 11.77 percent rise in non-oil and non-gas exports, while oil and gas exports fell 3.81 percent, BPS Chief Suhariyanto said at a press briefing on April 16.

According to BPS, non-oil and non-gas exports made up 91.41 percent of the country’s overall exports in March, with the export of farm commodities rising 20.01 percent, manufactured goods rising 9.17 percent, and mining products rising 22.66 percent.

Non-oil and non-gas exports in March were valued at 14.24 billion USD, up 11.77 percent compared to February, or 8.16 percent compared to March 2017.

Mineral fuel was among the non-oil and non-gas commodities, which recorded the highest increase of 358.9 million USD, or 18.58 percent, in March. It was followed by iron and steel at 209.7 million USD; and metal ore, crust, and ash at 133.3 million USD.

China remained the biggest market for Indonesia’s non-oil and non-gas exports in March, with 2.36 billion USD. It was followed by the US, with 1.59 billion USD and Japan, with 1.43 billion USD. Non-oil and non-gas exports to the three countries made up 37.78 percent of the total.

Meanwhile, non-oil and non-gas exports to 28 European Union (EU) countries were valued at 1.53 billion USD.

Also according to BPS, Indonesia’s export earnings in the first quarter of 2018 hit 44.27 billion USD, up 8.78 percent compared to the same period last year.-VNA