The slow recovery of the world’s economy will continue to cast a shadow over Indonesia ’s exports as overseas demand for the country’s commodities is likely to remain weak in 2014, according to a forecast.

Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan was quoted by local media as saying that the country’s total exports would amount to around 180 billion USD in 2014, roughly the same level estimated for 2013.

He said that exports would be stagnant as demand from major trading partners such as the US and Japan would pick up only moderately.

According to the minister, Indonesia might record a deficit of up to 8 billion USD in 2014, similar to 2013, driven largely by imports of crude oil.

The Indonesian Government expects total exports to drop by 6 percent to about 178.63 billion USD in 2013 from 190.03 billion USD in 2012 on weak overseas demand.-VNA