Indonesia’s central bank (BI) has announced that the country’s foreign debts rose from 284.9 billion USD in June to 290.6 billion USD in July.

Of the amount, 134.2 billion USD was government debts and the remaining belonged to the private sector.

BI also said that short-term debts climbed 11.1 percent to 50 billion USD in July, compared to 7.3 percent in the previous month. Meanwhile, long-term debts increased 9.8 percent to 240.6 billion USD.

BI Governor Agus Martowardo said that his bank will continue keeping a close watch on the development of foreign debts and intensify policies in the field.

He called on domestic companies with foreign debts to conduct risk insurance transactions as part of their risk management activities.

Indonesia’s rupiah (Rp) on September 18 decreased 0.36 percent to 11,928 Rp per USD from a day earlier.-VNA