Indonesia’s foreign debts still safe: Bank hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: Internet)
Jakarta (VNA) - Indonesia`s foreign debts rose 7 percent year-on-year to 372.9 billion USD in early December, according to Bank Indonesia (BI).

Of the figure, the government and the BI’s debts were worth 183.5 billion USD while debts of private and state companies stood at 189.3 billion USD.

However, the BI believed that the structure of the country`s foreign debts remains healthy, with the ratio of foreign debts to the national GDP remaining at 34 percent, which is still better than the average ratio of peers.

In addition, 84.8 percent of the country`s foreign debts is long-term, including 180.5 billion USD in government debts.

As of early December 2018, the Indonesian government’s foreign debts increased by 5.1 billion USD from October due to the inflow of foreign capital to the domestic treasury notes market in November.

The private sector`s foreign debts in November 2018 rose by over 10 percent to 7.1 billion USD compared to October 2018.

In another move, the Central Bureau of Statistics of Indonesia said the country’s imports fell by 9.6 percent month-on-month in December 2018 to 15.28 billion USD. Compared to the same period 2019, it rose by 1.16 percent.

Its major imports include non-petrol goods worth 13.31 billion USD and petrol valued at 1.97 billion USD.-VNA