Jakarta (VNA) Indonesia’s national health conference opened in Banten province on March 6 with the participation of over 1,850 delegates from 34 provinces and preventive medicine centres across the country.

Addressing the three-day event, Indonesian Minister of Health Nila Moeloek said the conference focuses on three major issues – speeding up the elimination of Tuberculosis (TB), reducing the ratio of stunted children and expanding the coverage and quality of vaccination.

Moeloek noted that the number of health insurance holders of the country rose to 192 million earlier this year compared to only 133.4 million three years ago, adding that the engagement of local public health system has been promoted.

However, she admitted that TB is still a challenge to the Southeast Asian country where TB cases have not reduced over the past years, with many unreported cases. It ranks second in the world in terms of burden of the disease.

Experts attributed the situation to poor maternal nutrition, along with other factors related to the economy, education, infrastructure, culture and environment.

The Indonesian Government has committed to its citizens to improve health care quality in the future in both local and central levels, with a focus on enhancing people’s physical development and reduce stunted children ratio through maternal health care and preventing diseases by vaccinations.-VNA