Infusing folk colours into modern interior decoration

Preserving and developing traditional culture is highly regarded by artists currently. Interior decoration is not out of this trend.

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With a love for the colors of folk paintings from her visits to Hanoi old quarter, Minh Trang and her associates have created interior decorative paintings imbued with the country’s traditional culture. (Photo: VNA)
Sensitivity to colors is crucial, as it helps artists create strong contrasts with lines and colors that are both folkloric and modern to achieve harmony in their product. (Photo: VNA)
Borders between the patterns require fine lines. (Photo: VNA)
The "Rat's Wedding" product took quite a lot of time due to its various details. (Photo: VNA)
The "Herd of Pigs" product for modern interior decoration. (Photo: VNA)
The product features images of folk culture, used to decorate contemporary living spaces. (Photo: VNA)

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