Only innovation and intensifying application of science-technology can lead to rapid and stable development of a country, experts told an international business forum in Ho Chi Minh City.

Andrej Motyl, the Swiss ambassador to Vietnam, and Daphna Murvitz of Israeli company Systematic Inventive Thinking, said good schools and universities are indispensable for business success because they are the source of innovation.

Motyl said Switzerland has few natural resources including agricultural land and no access to the sea, but is lies between Europe's leading innovators like Italy, France, and Germany.

"Switzerland is a nation of German tribes, French tribes, and Italian tribes. The extraordinary economic diversity of the country contributes to new interdisciplinary connections, which create the environment for new innovative highways."

Vietnam must strive to have outstanding universities linked closely to economies needs and the country should create incentives to create a vocational training system like Switzerland or Germany has.

"World champion companies are cluster producers, a huge challenge for every country to have some, but it takes decades to have some.

"Vietnam has an incredible reservoir of people for tourism, but needs to get a special label like cooking for homestay."

Vietnam also needs a climate to promote small and medium-sized enterprises which are the backbones of innovation and resilience, he said.

Intellectual property protection is imperative for development, he added.

Dr Giap Van Duong, founder of massive open online course GiapSchool, said, quoting the experience of the Republic of Korea and Singapore, it is clear that close ties between enterprises, universities, and research institutes are needed for innovation.-VNA