Car aficionados have access to the latest smart automobiles—deemed safer and more environmentally friendly—at the Indonesia international exhibition on automobiles and motorcycles taking place in Jakarta from May 9-10.

The 16 th exhibition focuses on innovation in the automobile industrial sector and smart car markets. The visitors have the chance to purchase cars, motorcycles, accessories and other relevant equipment while glimpsing first-hand the development of the high-quality automobile sector.

In his remark speech, Head of the Creative Economy Agency Triawan Munaf underscored that the annual event creates a venue for small and medium enterprises to promote trade and enhance connections with their partners. With priority on domestic products, the event will help enhance national competitive capacity.

He said that it also serves to measure market responses and tastes towards different automotive products and services.

The exhibition, held since 1998, aims to popularise and promote the development of the automobile and motorcycle industry in Indonesia.

Last year, the number of visitors to the exhibition increased to 78,400 people from 76,000 in 2013. The total value of transactions was recorded at 29 billion rupiahs (nearly 2.2 million USD).-VNA