A vessel traffic services system (VTS) applying advanced technologies to manage and ensure maritime safety is expected to be implemented at seaports nationwide, firstly at national and international ones.

The system is expected to be operational soon, Phan Ngoc Quang from the Vietnam Maritime Administration’s Vishipel company said at a symposium as part of the framework of the International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications, in Da Nang city, from August 2-4.

It is necessary to invest in building a modern management system to manage vessel flows in and out of seaports, he stressed, adding that development of seaports is the top priority in the country’s economic development policy. Vietnam now has 49 small and large ports with about 266 wharfs across the country.

Through its automatic identification system (AIS), the VTS can monitor the movement of water transport vehicles and support maritime management and operation, minimising accidents, limiting shipping flow blockages and protecting the environment, Quang said.

The VTS will also be used to enhance security in waterways and adjacent seaport areas, and aid search and rescue, especially supervision of maritime activity management, as well as ship positions, direction and speed.

Also at the symposium, a project on manufacturing the super small satellite F1, which is expected to be launched later this year, was introduced. The satellite will meet demand in geological remote sensing and monitoring of waterways./.