An arts troupe of the International Children's Creative Camp "Nuckids" 2011 will visit Vietnam from August 14-18.

Included in their five-day stay is an opera performance at 8pm on August 17 at the Au Co Arts Centre, 8 Huynh Thuc Khang street.

Their play, Bunker of Freedom, is based on a real story in Moscow in the 80s. In the play, dozens of wandering children, living underground next to the Taganskaya metro station, have a common desire: live peacefully and help each other in their community.

It is translated into Khong Gian Hanh Phuc (Happy Space) in Vietnam with the aim of bringing an easily understandable message for Vietnamese children.

The camp, held annually since 2008 by Rosatom state corporation, this year gathers 73 gifted children from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, India, and Vietnam./.