United Nations agencies are increasing their relief efforts to areas devastated by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, a speaker of the UN Secretary General said on November 18.

The UN Children’s Fund has delivered clean water and sanitation facilities to Tacloban city, 360km southeast of the country’s capital of Manila, and other badly-hit areas.

At least 200,000 people in Tacloban and six neighbouring districts gained access to clean water while the first water treatment plant resumed its operation on November 17.

Last week, the UN and its partners called for a 301 million USD donation to support the Philippines. As of November 16, 26 percent of the target money was raised.

The country announced on November 18 that the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank have each committed to loan it 500 million USD to rebuild wrecked areas and improve its resilience against increasingly frequent natural disasters.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Government has also pledged to provide an additional 2.47 million USD for the Philippines, bringing its total financial aid to 4.26 million USD.

AFP reported that damage by Haiyan have been estimated at 14 billion USD while the UN said some 2.5 million people need food assistance. Four million people have lost their homes, of whom only 350,000 have found shelter in evacuation centres.-VNA