The 68th International Esperanto Youth Congress (IJK 68) opened in Hanoi on August 6, attracting the participation of young people and Esperanto researchers from 20 countries across the world.

Opening the event, Vice President of the Global Esperanto Youth Organisation (TEJO) Michael Madirola welcomed the delegates to the event, affirming that the IJK is the most interesting activity of the organisation.

This is an opportunity to review the oganisation’s operations, practice Esperanto and discuss issues to increase mutual understanding, according to the TEJO Vice President.

As a sponsor of the event, Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations Vu Xuan Hong stressed that the year 2012 is very significant for Vietnam , as the country has now hosted the two biggest consecutive global Esperanto events.

Earlier, the 97th World Esperanto Congress took place in Hanoi from July 29 to August 4.

He said he hopes the IJK 68 will be a good chance for the world’s youth to enhance exchanges and share experience for the Esperanto movement to fulfill its mission of promoting solidarity and friendship among nations for peace and development.

The week-long event includes various activities such as photo exhibitions, traditional art performances, traditional costume shows and presentations on Esperanto movements around the world.-VNA