Int’l community backs Vietnam’s initiative on epidemic preparedness day: ambassador hinh anh 1Spraying disinfectant for workers return home from Equatorial Guinea (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA)
– Vietnam's achievements in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic have drawn a huge support and sponsorship from the international community in approving the resolution “International Day of Epidemic Preparedness” (Document A/75/L.18) introduced by the country at the UN General Assembly, according to head of the Vietnamese permanent mission to the UN, Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy.

In an interview granted to Vietnam News Agency’s correspondents in New York, Quy highlighted the significance of the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the resolution, saying that this is the first of the UN General Assembly in this regard, and the first proposed, negotiated and promoted by Vietnam.

The resolution aims to raise awareness of each individual, community, state, and the international community on the need to have a permanent sense of epidemic prevention in all of their activities, and increase the level of preparedness in order to have the earliest and most adequate response to any epidemic that may arise, he said.

The resolution, which was approved by more 100 countries, also stresses the importance of international cooperation and multilateral partnership among every individual, community, state, and also regional and international organisations in all stages of epidemic management, he went on.

Ambassador Quy also pointed out difficulties and advantages in the process of resolution negotiation.

According to the diplomat, all countries have found the horrible impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity to have preparedness to combat the health crisis as well as other diseases in the future.

The resolution on International Day of Epidemic Preparedness was approved at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly on December 7, designating 27 December as a day to highlight the importance of the prevention of, preparedness for and partnerships against epidemics./.