An international conference has been held in Hanoi to discuss the sustainable renovation and modernisation of school curriculum and textbooks in Vietnam.

The October 30 conference focused on four main topics, including reorienting and modernising school curriculum, developing electronic textbooks, building and developing a new and modern textbook model, and assessing and using textbooks in modern schools.

Addressing the event, Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Vinh Hien stressed that textbook is one of the most decisive factors to the country’s education quality.

Vietnam is on the initial stage to shift its education programme from content approach to learners’ capacity approach, and from imparting knowledge and skills to comprehensively developing learners’ capacity, he added.

Hien underscored the need to build a system of standards and criteria, which will serve as a basis to compile and a tool to appraise textbooks.

Nearly 30 educators from the Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, Germany’s Georg Eckert Institution for International Textbook Research, Sweden’s Uppsala University and Netherland Utrecht University attended the event.

They shared views and experience in designing curricula and the current orientations of compiling textbooks.-VNA