An International Conference on Microchip Technology got underway in HCM City on August 23-24, with more than 250 delegates taking part.

They represented the various areas of Microchip Technology, with more than 50 internationally famous experts in Integrated Circuit Design (ICD) and microchip manufacturing also attending.

The conference was organised by the HCM City National University and the High Tech Park , to create a forum for domestic and overseas scientists to discuss recent research and other issues currently affecting the sector.

The conference also provided an excellent opportunity to prepare Vietnam ’s microchip technology sector for the years to come.

The main topics up for discussion included the potential and challenges to Vietnam ’s microchip industry and its human resources. In addition, the delegates also discussed ICD, IC Technology, IC systems and IC applications.

Microchip technology is a new industry in Vietnam, however it has received special attention from the government. HCM City’s People’s Committee has also approved a programme to develop the local microchip industry, with the aim of bringing its turnover to between 100 and 150 million USD by 2017.

The programme also sets the target of training up to 2,000 engineers by that year.-VNA