Seventy astrophysicists from 20 countries and territories around the world are gathering in Quy Nhon city, the central province of Binh Dinh, for an international workshop on extra-solar planets that kicked off on April 21.

Opening the workshop, Swiss astrophysicist and Professor Michel Mayor said human beings have long wondered if life can only be found on Earth and if other civilizations exist elsewhere in the universes. This question has promoted the development of science and inspired passion in those who practise it.

During the five-day function, scientists will discuss astrophysical issues, such as measuring the weight of planets, finding out properties of small exoplanets, and searching for Earth-like planets.

They will also table new scientific ideas and the development of astronomical equipment.

The workshop is part of the 2014 “Meet Vietnam” event, which offers a platform for global scientists to exchange their views on numerous scientific issues. The annual event is held by the France-based Rencontres du Vietnam (Meet Vietnam) Association.-VNA