Int’l seminar marks 100th anniversary of Great October revolution hinh anh 1Russian leader V.I Lenin (Source: Internet)
New Delhi (VNA) – An international seminar featuring the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution – the past and present experience in socialism building took place in the Indian city of Kolkata from October 8-10.

A Vietnamese delegation led by permanent deputy head of the Party Central Committee’s External Relations Commission Tran Dac Loi attended the event together with nearly 100 delegates from communist and workers’ parties from 13 countries worldwide.

Participants discussed the significance and great impact of the Great October Socialist Revolution of Russia, saying that it changed the fate of not only Russian workers but also the humankind.

They affirmed undeniable value of unprecedented achievements in human history in economic development, social progress and fairness under the Soviet regime, the Soviet Union’s decisive contributions to victory over fascism, socialist countries’ dedication to national liberation movement and world peace after the Second World War.

They looked into the causes and lessons from the collapse of the Soviet Union and socialist countries in Eastern Europe.

Debating socialism building experience in the 21st century, especially in Vietnam, China, Cuba, delegates shared view that socialism remains the only proper and necessary solution to humankind today, adding that the spirit of the October Revolution continues to be a flag guiding the fight of workers worldwide in the new period.-VNA