The International Techmart Vietnam 2012 will be held in Hanoi from September 20-23, said an official from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST).

Ta Ba Hung, head of the MoST’s National Scientific and Technological Information Department, told a press conference in Hanoi on September 12 that Techmart 2012 aims to link scientific research and technological advances with production to support technological renovation and increase competitiveness, productivity and product quality in businesses.

The event will also promote the trading of research products, technological transfer and linkages for international economic integration and sustainable development, he added.

According to Hung, Techmart 2012 is expected to attract 479 businesses, including 30 from Malaysia , Indonesia , Singapore , Thailand , Laos , China , the Republic of Korea , Japan , the EU and Russia .

They will offer over 3,000 technologies and equipment, focusing on mechanical engineering, electricity, electronics, automation, chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals and environmental treatment solutions.

A series of seminars will be held during the event, covering issues of concerns of Vietnam , ASEAN and the world on clean technologies, food and energy security, intellectual property, technological transfer and standard-measurement-quality.

Techmart, on national and international scales, has been successfully organised in Vietnam since 2003. The Techmart Vietnam ASEAN + 3 held in Hanoi in 2009 attracted over 650 businesses with more than 2,000 contracts and memoranda of understanding worth 1.7 trillion VND signed.-VNA