The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee on Peace and International Security gathered in Hanoi on March 29 to discuss a draft resolution on cyber warfare, which has become a serious threat to peace and global security.

Participants at the event, organised as part of the on-going 132nd IPU Assembly in Hanoi , agreed that the increasing use of the internet and interconnected computer systems have resulted in a sharp rise in the number of cyber attacks. Today, almost every political, economic or military conflict entails a cybernetic component, they concurred.

Speaking at the meeting, Vu Xuan Hong, Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations, said Vietnam has built a legal framework in the field, including laws on telecommunications, radio frequencies, information technology, and science and technology. The country is also to issue a Law on Information Security, he added.

Vietnam has actively joined in developing resolutions at international conferences in the field, particularly relating to information safety.

The Vietnamese representative suggested that the IPU issue a joint statement calling for every country to commit to avoid the use of cyber warfare in any form against other nations.

The United Nations should promptly build an international convention ensuring cyber security and safety, stated Hong, adding that member countries should increase cooperation in personnel training and share more information on preventing and combating cyber crime.

He also argued that IPU member countries should strengthen capacity building to ensure information security by developing a legal basis defining the rights and responsibilities of individuals and organisations participating in online activities.

A resolution on “cyber warfare – a serious threat to peace and global security” is expected to be passed on March 31.-VNA