The 132nd Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132) which opens in Hanoi on March 28 with the participation of a large number of delegates will promote cooperation to resolve global common issues, according to Cambodian Ambassador to Vietnam.

“The enhancement of global cooperation and unification to resolve the common issues in the world will take place here, because the number of participants is not less than 1,000 delegates and the number of parliamentarians is not less than 600, who will be present in the city of Hanoi,” Ambassador Hul Phany told the Vietnam News Agency ahead of the important event which takes place from March 28-April 1.

The presence of the delegates is aimed at boosting global cooperation and unification to resolve the world’s common issues which have been happening such as the financial crisis, disputes, terrorism, natural disasters, AIDS, Ebola, A/H1N1 epidemics, the nuclear weapon, the increase of the earth temperature, the cyber security and many other issues that need being resolved by the parliaments, he added.

All the delegations should not stand to look with their folded arms at the issues which are happening, he emphasised, noting that “we should together cooperate and unify globally to resolve the common issues in the world for a world of peace and stability.”

Sharing the theme of the IPU-132 “Sustainable development goals: Turning words into action”, the Ambassador stated that this is the “most suitable time” to raise this theme to the parliamentarians to discuss with the aim of reaching the target of the 2015 sustainable development, in which there are important issues that need mutual settlement as follows: implementation of the sustainable development; prevention of the threat to security and peace in the world; the system of management of water resources; the relevant international law; the issue of democracy in each country and the issue of human right.

These issues should be discussed and valuable experience should be withdrawn by each parliament so that a report will be submitted to the Assembly, he said.

The high-ranking delegation of the Parliament of Cambodia led by
g Samrin, Chairman of the Parliament of Cambodia, will deliver a report themed “The sustainable development goal, putting words into action”, the diplomat said.

On this occasion, Ambassador Hul Phany highly appreciates Vietnam’s efforts in the process of organising the unprecedented historical event, because, he said, the Inter-Parliamentary Union is the biggest international organisation of parliaments with the participation of 164 members.

According to him, the proposal for hosting the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly should be done two years in advance with the assessment and consideration of committees six months in advance before awarding the right to host.

“It is for this reason that Vietnam has all conditions, requirements and important elements such as guaranteeing political stability, security, safety of the location for the conference, the accommodation and services for convenient travelling, especially the quick provision of visas to the IPU members,” he stressed.-VNA