Vietnam supports endeavours to reform the UN’s development activities, and vows to actively engage in the inter-governmental negotiation mechanism on UN reform.

Ha Minh Hue, member of the Vietnam National Assembly’s Committee for External Affairs, made the statement at a debate during a session of the Standing Committee on UN Affairs in Hanoi on March 29, as part of the ongoing 132 nd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132).

He proposed the UN and the UN Security Council push ahead with the reform in a comprehensive, balanced, equal and transparent manner and meet the interests of member countries.

He noted that Vietnam is actively implementing the “One United Nations” initiative and is ready to share experience with other countries in the field.

The Southeast Asian country also made active contributions to reforming the working style of the UN Security Council while serving as a non-permanent member of the council in the 2008-2009 tenure, Hue said.

The issue of reforming the UN Security Council as the most powerful organ of the UN attracted great attention at the debate, where delegates reviewed the achievements and challenges to the UN as the world’s first multilateral international organisation seven decades after its foundation.

The discussions also focused on what to help the UN carry out its missions more effectively in the current complicated world, the relations between the UN and multilateral forums like G20, and social media’s impact on encouraging cross-border exchanges.

The same day, the Standing Committee on International Peace and Security convened to review the outcomes of its session held at the IPU-131 in October 2014, and elect leaders of the committee.

During the sitting, the committee will consider the approval of a resolution on the threats that the cyber warfare poses to global peace and security.-VNA