Iran will intensify its relations and cooperation with ASEAN as well as with ASEAN member countries, said new Iranian Ambassador to ASEAN Valiollah Mohammadi Nasrabadi

Ambassador Nasrabadi made the statement while presenting his credentials to ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh on July 23 in Jakarta.

The diplomat said that based on the long-standing and historical ties with Southeast Asian countries, Iran will work towards enhancing its relations and cooperation with ASEAN, particularly in the fields of economics, trade, culture, science and technology and education.

Iran also attaches high importance to region-to-region cooperation and would like to promote greater collaboration with ASEAN, he added.

ASEAN chief Minh congratulated Ambassador Nasrabadi on his appointment as the Ambassador of Iran to ASEAN, and acknowledged the country’s commitment to pursue closer relations and cooperation with ASEAN.

He updated the ambassador on the progress of ASEAN Community building and informed him that ASEAN is making steady progress towards building an integrated, well connected, and people-oriented ASEAN Community by the end of this year.-VNA