This year, irregular weather makes it hard for peach growers in Hanoi’s Nhat Tan district to let their flower bloom as planned. Added to this, early prolonged hoar fog is also causing anxiety to the local growers.

 “The weather is changing unpredictably years by years,” said Nguyen Van Duong, a peach blossom grower in Nhat Tan ward, Tay Ho district in Hanoi.

 “Growers have to watch the weather carefully every day and take care of the trees just as their own children,” he said.

 Despite his 50 years of flower planting experience, Nguyen Van Hiep, as well as numerous households in Nhat Tan peach planting village could do nothing but hoping for favourable weather. Last year the weather was too hot that the flowers bloomed early, resulting in great losses for Hiep.

 “It requires many difficult techniques to plant a peach tree but the bad weather will ruin it all,” Hiep said, adding that it takes lots of time and effort to have beautiful blooming peach blossoms.

 According to Nguyen Van Vu, a peach garden owner in Nhat Tan ward, Tay Ho district in Hanoi, the weather is changing rapidly.

 “Peach growers are living in anxiety, hoping that it will be good. Because we depend on the peach blossom trees as our sole source of income, with Tet being the only time of year to cash in,” said Vu.

 As the Lunar New Year is coming to town, local growers are anxiously watching the weather with the earnest hope that the delicate peach blossoms will bloom just in time, bring income to them as well as good luck and prosperity to buyers.-VNA