Previously, it took both insurance officials lots of time to look for insurance information as most of the documents are in paper. However, modern technology has helped save time for the work and control wrong-doings in the sector.

It takes only 5 minutes for Mr Nguyen Van Hau to look up information regarding the whole process and the social insurance allowance that he will receive.

“Thanks to the technology, it’s very convenient and transparent, helping me to save time”, said Nguyen Van Hau, a local at Hai Ba Trung street, Hanoi.

Currently, the archive centre of Vietnam Social Security is keeping about 4.5 million documents. Each year, the centre receives additional 200,000 new papers.

Previously, it took at least 15 days to complete the archive work. After the applying information technology in file management and archives, the time for file processing has been reduced significantly. 

Nguyen Thi Ha, Director of the Vietnam Social Security’s Archive Centre said information technology application has helped to control and find timely solutions for wrong-doings.

With information technological integrated system, the Vietnam Social Security can also manage changes as well as shortcomings at health units. Since July 2016, the sector has developed an information technology system, connecting to over 12,000 health diagnosis and treatment centres nationwide.

Information technological application has not only helped to simplified administrative procedures but has also benefited the sector to closely monitor health and social insurance payment, creating fairness among people in diagnosis and treatment as well as buying health and social insurances./.