The application of information technology is important to increasing cooperation in managing, protecting and developing water resources in the Lower Mekong River, especially in the context of climate change, experts said at a workshop held in Hanoi on August 18.

IT technology will assist the sharing, use and protection of water resources in a scientific manner, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh said, noting that all countries in the Mekong basin have been connected to the Trans-Eurasia Information Network TEIN4.

The workshop under the theme of IT infrastructure and water resources in the Lower Mekong basin attracted the participation of IT experts who want to create new linkages in the region. Participants also talked about water resources studies and policies that have impact on scientific research and IT infrastructure.

Director of International Networking at the US Indiana University Jennifer Schopf highlighted the significance of the event in enhancing regional capacity to address the impact of climate change.-VNA