An Italian dance performance in tribute to famed film director Federico Fellina is scheduled entertain Hanoi audiences on Oct. 14, the creation of choreographer Monica Casadei.

Entitled I Bislacchi Omaggio a Fellini, the show evokes and re-invents images, scenes and characters from such Fellini films as La Dolce Vita and Amarcod, set to the famous scores of composer Nino Rota.

Casadei said she brought the spirit of Fellini to fife on stages in her own way by drawing inspiration from Fellini films, like a filigree in which the poetry winks at the humour.

“This is a show full of colour,” she said. “Otherwise it would mean betraying the maestro, who wrote in a diary of his dreams. It is absurd to imagine dreams in black and white. Colours are an integral part of the language of dreams: they translate the ideas and the concepts, and each colour caries its own message.”

Speaking of Fellini, Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Andrea Perugini said. “Sixteen years after the death of this great artist, the charm of his beautiful world made of dreams, fantasy, poetry, intelligence and humour is still powerful. His characters, always real and authentic, never cease to fascinate the audience and I am sure that this wonderful performance in homage to Fellini will enchant the Vietnamese audience.”

The performance debuted in Guadalajara , Mexico , and I Italy at Vignaledanza, the Integrated Festival of Dance and International Arts.

The Hanoi performance hosted by the Italian Embassy, will take place at the Hong Ha Theatre, 51 Duong Thanh Street, at 6pm./.