Italian musician Andera Centazzo will perform in Vietnam from September 13-15 on the 150 th anniversary of unification day of Italia.

His performances, which will be performed in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City , are part of the cultural cooperation and exchange programme between Vietnam and Italy this year.

Centazzo is a performer, a musician and a music researcher at the same time. He has won many international awards of music and video in Italy , Japan and France .

Since 1998, Centazzo has focused on multimedia art, which combines traditional percussion instruments and digital devices.

He had performed as a solo artist and a conductor of symphony orchestra in more than 2,500 concerts and arts programme in Europe, America and Asia during his four-decade career.

Centazzo was also author of 470 opera, symphony and chamber music works, 8 music books and 45 video films and many multimedia art performance programmes./.