Vietnam ’s honor consul for the area of Turin , Italy , Sandra Scagliotti, has recently made public a book that depicts devastating consequences of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

At a ceremony to introduce the book, literally translated as “When weapon in dumb silence: Agent Orange and consequences of the Vietnam war”, Sandra Scagliotti said she wrote the book to help the Italian people gain better understanding of the meaning of peace and atrocity and injustice of war.

Scagliotti, who is also Director of the Centre for Vietnam Studies in Turin , added that she hoped the book will help peace-loving people in her country be aware of serious consequences that AO left on the Vietnamese people, society and environment and then take action to assist the victims of the toxic chemical.

The book gathers documents already published that tell the consequences of Agent Orange sprayed by the US troops during the US war in Vietnam on millions of Vietnamese people.

It sends out a message calling for continuous efforts to study both impacts and consequences of the toxic chemical on the environment and people, and support AO victims spiritually and materially, including their lawsuit against the US chemical producers.

Apart from introducing the book, the Italy-Vietnam Friendship Association and the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy also organised a talk on AO consequences for students of the chemistry faculty of Ca’ Foscari in Venice.

Many Italian organisations and individuals have recently lent helping hands to Vietnamese AO victims.

The Veneto chapter of CGIL, Italy ’s largest labour confederation, and the Fabio Sormanni federation have carried out vocational training projects for disabled children of those who had exposed to AO to enable them to integrate into the community.

The Fabio Sormanni federation is mulling on a plan to broaden its charitable activities in Vietnam and raise more fund in Italy to help AO victims.

In the past two years, well-known photographer-journalist Livio Senigaliesi exhibited photos on AO victims which he had taken during his Vietnam visit. The photos drew the interest from a great number of Italian people./.