A perfect combination of music and fireworks to feature “The Vitality of the River” earned the first prize for Parente Fireworks from Italy at the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2011.

At the closing ceremony on April 30, the Parente Fireworks team mastered the play of fireworks and pieces of music by Iva Adavies, Erna Hemming, Sigur Ross, the Journey, Bill Whelan and songs “Canto della Terra” and “Boteli”, to depict different aspects and features of the Han river where the competition took place.

The second prize of the competition went to the Hanwha team from the Republic of Korea with “The Han river and its challenges,” aided by sound and light, and the Panda from China, with “Along the Han river”, which showed special effects of waves and boats moving along the river and displaying a sunrise.

Vietnam’s Danang team and Jubilee Fireworks from the UK shared the third prize of the competition which was held on April 29 and 30.

Host Vietnam displayed “Sparkling Han River” whose theme related closely to nature, landscape and the people of Da Nang city, while the Jubilee Fireworks took viewers along the historical course of the Han river and many development milestones./.