A library introducing 5,000 books on the contemporary history of Vietnam and Asia was inaugurated in Allerona city, central Italy, on February 22.

The books were written, translated and collected by Pino Tagliazucchi (1921-2005), one of the leading Italian researchers on Vietnam, and his daughter Nora.

Addressing the event, Ambassador Nguyen Hoang Long noted that Pino, a great friend of the Vietnamese people, wrote and translated many books about Vietnam’s history, literature and folk culture.

He also demonstrated a keen interest in writing about great Vietnamese figures such as late President Ho Chi Minh and late General Vo Nguyen Giap, the diplomat said.

Highlighting Pino’s active role as a member of the Italy-Vietnam Friendship Association, Long expressed his belief that the library will help further the cooperation between Vietnam and Italy as well as Allerona city in particular.

Mayor of Allerona city Valentino Rocchigiani affirmed the municipal leaders’ support for the library collection, which will promote Vietnamese culture in the city.

Pino’s daughter, Nora Tagliazucchi, expressed her hope that the books will be useful to Italian people who want to learn more about Vietnam and its people.

In addition, a research centre on Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh, housing about 4,000 publications, has also been also built in Torino city, Italy.-VNA