Jakarta administration bans single-use plastic bags hinh anh 1Plastic waste at Sanur beach in Bali, Indonesia. (Photo:Reuters)

Jakarta (VNA) -
The Jakarta administration has issued a long awaited regulation banning such plastic bags from traditional and modern markets starting in June this year.

The regulation was signed by Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan on December 27.
According to the regulation’s Article 30, the ban will take effect six months after the regulation was enacted on December 31, Jakarta Legal Bureau head Yayan Yuhana said.

Aside from the ban, the regulation will also serve as a legal basis for the usage of eco-friendly bags in stores and markets.  

According to the regulation, eco-friendly bags can be made from leaf, paper, cloth, polyester and its derivatives as well as recycled materials. It also should have adequate thickness, be recyclable and designed to be used several times before being disposed of. 

The Jakarta administration defined single-use plastic bags as transparent bags made from various kinds of plastics, including polyethylene and thermoplastics.
The regulation also carries punishments for shopping centres found violating the ban, which range from written warning and fines to permit suspension and termination.

Despite the ban, a number of articles in the regulation still allow shops to provide single-use plastic to “accommodate foodstuffs that have not been wrapped by any packaging.” Such exception, however, will not applicable if alternate eco-friendly packaging is already available.

The plan to issue a regulation banning single-use plastic bags in the city has been in the pipeline since early last year. However, it was put on hold as Governor Anies wanted to include the provision on substitute materials to replace plastic bags in the regulation draft.

Earlier, a number of cities in Indonesia, including South Kalimantan’s Banjarmasin, East Kalimantan’s Balikpapan and Bali’s Denpasar, had also banned single-use plastic bags./.