Japan continues to provide over 447,600 USD for the implementation of a project improving the nutrition of children and ensuring food security for the poorest residents in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai

A contract for the non-refundable aid provision was signed in Hanoi on March 5.

The project, a joint effort between Save the Children Japan and the Japanese government, aims to promote communication activities to provide knowledge on health and nutrition for mothers and pregnant women in the province.

One of the poorest provinces in the country, Yen Bai reported the rate of malnutrition among children at more than 20 percent, while the national average is 17 percent.

Since the 2012 fiscal year, Save the Children Japan with the Japanese government’s non-refundable aid has conducted numerous activities to help improve awareness on health and nutrition, increase cash income and provide information on agricultural production in Van Chan district.

Thanks to the new aid, the Japanese non-governmental organisation will continue implementing the activities. It will work with the provincial departments of health and agriculture and rural development to expand the household nutritious vegetable garden model, while seeking micro-credit for local women and training them in household finance.-VNA