A facility to support air traffic control was launch in Hanoi on July 11, as part of work funded by the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) to improve air traffic safety in the region.

The new Flight Procedure Office (FPO) for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the capital city aims to better ensure safety for the growing number of flights to and from Vietnam .

According to JICA, flights to and from Vietnam now exceed 150,000 annually, while those passing through Vietnamese airspace top 250,000 each year.

The FPO will provide advice and guidance on flight procedures such as instrument checks and maintenance and assist the three countries in scheduling flights with hi-tech software that can automatically process many of the complicated calculations required to design flight paths and ensure effective air traffic control.

The office will be also responsible for training people from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in air traffic control, air navigation and ways to enhance overall management of flights.-VNA