Japan will display the traditional costumes of people in the city of Saijo and Ishizuchi – a popular kind of tea in the city - during the 2013 Hue Traditional Craft Festival, says Phan Canh Viet Cuong, Deputy Manager of the festival.

A French delegation has already agreed to join the biennial festival, which will take place from April 27 to May 1 this year. The delegation will introduce five weaving techniques, including Lyon silk weaving of Prelle factory that has been practised since 1880, the woven products of Saint Etienne de la Satab, the velvet and crease-creating technique of Benoit Toscan d’Amiens, Aubusson carpet, and several weaving initiatives put forward at the Lille exhibition.

The Hue festival, themed “The quintessence of Vietnamese crafts”, focuses on developing traditional products and villages for tourism, and attracting the participation of artisans from craft villages around the country.

Various kinds of traditional crafts including weaving, pottery, Hue enamel, wood and bamboo handicrafts, lacquer, embroidery and paper flowers will be showcased at the event.-VNA