Vietnamese workers are becoming an important source of workforce in Japan. Especially, young Vietnamese workers are said to be diligent and eager for learning.

It’s hard to believe that the labourers conducting the works are foreign workers, with most of them being Vietnamese. They are recruited by Japanese companies after graduating from leading Vietnamese universities.

Difficult working conditions make architecture and construction less attractive to workers in Japan. However, the difficulties cannot discourage Vietnamese workers.

Japan is offering visa incentives for Vietnamese workers, helping them stay longer and enjoy higher salary.

For apprentices, policy makers are considering new policies to create conditions for them to have stable jobs.

Regarding part-time jobs, Vietnamese students are said to play an important role in offsetting labour shortage in the service sector. Vietnamese workers form the largest group of foreign workers at Ten Allied, which engages in the operation of restaurants.

They are helping Japan solve the problem of labour shortage in the context of an ageing population.-VNA