Key officials of the northern province of Ha Nam and executives of the Japan-based Kawasaki Heavy Industries on June 5 gathered at a meeting to promote a waste treatment project.

Kenji Takayama, a Kawasaki representative, requested Ha Nam province to assist his company in building a feasibility study for the project, following the successful development of a pilot waste treatment technology project by the Japanese firm for the Vicem But Son Cement JSC.

The outcome of the feasibility study will be reported back to the provincial People’s Committee for a final decision.

He also promised that the technology causes no harm to the local environment.

Two of the project’s waste treatment lines are capable of handling a combined 600 tonnes of waste per day, while Ha Nam currently generates only around 100 tonnes.

Thus, Takayama advised Ha Nam to treat more waste received from other surrounding localities once the project is put into operation.

If the project proves feasible, the Department of New Energy and the Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) of Japan will fund 50 percent of the total cost for the 15 million USD project, the guest revealed.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, Nguyen Xuan Dong, who joined fact-finding tours to inspect the same waste treatment technology applied in Japan and China, said Ha Nam backs the feasibility study, and put his faith in the benefits the project would bring about.-VNA