Illustrative photo (Source: VNA)

Tokyo (VNA) – Japanese experts will pilot measuring about 1,000 square metres of farm land in the northern province of Ha Nam to collect information and plan suitable production.

The systems for collecting information about local land and weather will be installed by Fujitsu, a Japanese information and communication technology company.

The information then will be transmitted to Aeon Agri Create Co., Ltd, which has been coordinating 19 farms in Japan, for further analysis and directions.

The Vietnam Women’s Union, the only local organisation partner in the project, is tasked with updating the market prices of local produce. Farmers can access the information through their mobile apps.

Complex agricultural distribution in Vietnam has made it difficult for growers to be aware of the prices of their products when they reach consumers. The project could help them understand the market and be ready for popular, profitable production.

Previously, Fujitsu and FPT have announced the official completion of their FPT-Fujitsu Akisai Farm and Vegetable Factory project, which applies cloud computing technology to develop a smart agricultural model in Vietnam.-VNA