Music group Trinity will fuse traditional Japanese folk tunes with contemporary music in a performance in Hanoi this weekend.

The trio, including Japanese traditional tsugaru shamisen musician Chikudo Takahashi, percussionist Kei Wada and koto (Japanese harp) musician Miki Maruta, will be accompanied by singer Taiko Matsumoto.

The artists will play a fusion of tsugaru shamisen folk songs with other Asian and European music, as well as some Beatles classics.

Established in 2006, Trinity released their first album Trinity in 2009. Takahashi is the last apprentice of renowned master Chikuzan Takahashi who established and spread the solo playing style of tsugaru shamisen.

Experienced percussionist Wada enjoys collaborating with artists from various musical genres, while also engaging in the production of accompaniment. Meanwhile, well-established koto player Maruta handles a broad range of different music, from classical to contemporary.

Free tickets can be picked up at the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam at 27 Quang Trung street./.