As many as 151 Vietnamese nurses and orderlies are joining the two-month Japanese language training programme that opened on May 29 at the Makuhari International Training Centre in Japan’s eastern prefecture of Chiba.

This is the second group of Vietnamese nurses and orderlies to learn technical terms and essential conversation skills at the ARC Academy – a Japanese language school from June 1 to July 25.

As part of the economic partnership agreements (EPA) between Vietnam and Japan, the programme has opened up the two countries’ cooperation in taking care of patients and the elderly at hospitals and sanatoriums in Japan, said Councellor of labour department at the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan Nguyen Gia Liem.

After that, the Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS) will provide the trainees with professional knowledge before starting work at Japanese health facilities from August 6.

Before arriving in Japan, all the Vietnamese trainees already had certificates and participated in the two-year Japanese language course at home.

Takashi Tsunoda, a representative from the JICWELS, said the trainees will be provided with how to use computers and medical equipment in preparation for the national certificates exam – which ensures their stay in Japan in the long run.

According to Shigemi Ando from the Southeast and Southwest Asian Affairs Department under the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the training and hosting of Vietnamese nurses and orderlies are very important due to Japan’s rapidly aging population.

It is estimated that Japan will need up to 600,000 nurses and orderlies to take care of its elderly in ten years.

Vietnam is the third country to cooperate with Japan in this field, after the Philippines and Indonesia.

Last year, 138 Vietnamese nurses and caregivers received similar training in Japan.-VNA