The Japanese tea ceremony is a cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea. The art has become popular in Vietnam recently, particularly among young people. 

Phan Thi Thu Ha, a student of the Hanoi University’s Japanese language faculty, is visiting the Urasenke club in Hanoi to learn about Japanese tea ceremony. Ha is excited to receive instruction from a Japanese tea demonstrator on the rules of the tea ceremony.

Phan Thi Thu Ha, second year student at Japanese language faculty, Hanoi University: "There are quite a lot of rules in Japanese ceremony and it’s hard to remember. However, the demonstration is really interesting."

The Japanese tea ceremony is the art of serving powdered tea. It first appeared in Japan in the 12th century. It is not just about drinking tea but the culture of hospitality, considering guests, the season, time and place and the occasion.

The art has entered Vietnam in recent years, drawing the attention of Japanese culture lovers, especially youngsters.

The ceremony is also considered a way for people to find peace in their minds.

Tran Khanh, fourth year student at University of Languages and Int’l Studies, HNU: "I have learnt to practice Japanese way of tea for two and a half years. I not only gain knowledge about Japan’s culture but also spiritual insight. It helps enrich my spiritual life."

Established in Hanoi in 2015, Urasenke is one of the two clubs in Vietnam for practising the Japanese way of tea. It is not only a place for young people to learn about Japan’s unique culture but also to exchange with their Japanese friends.

Chiharu Kanekawa, Secretary General of Urasenke Tankokai, Hanoi: "There are 10 Vietnamese members in the club. To attract more Vietnamese people, the Japanese-based Urasenke confederation will build a well-equipped tea room in Hanoi."

Ha, Khanh and other young Vietnamese people are sharing their love for Japan’s way of tea and the country itself. This is a way to contribute to developing bilateral ties between the two countries. -VNA