Jetstar Pacific is the first airline in Vietnam to practise an emergency evacuation and landing on water using a real airplane at Tan Son Nhat International Airport , Ho Chi Minh City , on August 28.

The crew’s ability to evacuate passengers was tested in a simulation of an Airbus A320 cancelling take-off after encountering a problem with accelerating.

Another crew had to show their evacuation skills in a simulated emergency landing on water.

The crews successfully carried out the evacuations, taking 12.59 seconds for the pre-take-off evacuation exercise, completing it under the 15-second standard announced by the US Federation Aviation Administration; and 13.58 minutes for the emergency landing, compared to the FAA maximum of 15 minutes.

The drills were part of efforts undertaken by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam to improve aviation safety and review emergency evacuation training.-VNA