The Record of Discussions of JICA’s Project for Human Resources Development (HRD) for Heavy-Chemical Industry at Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH) was signed at the office of Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) on June 27.

After the signing ceremony, the 3-year Project will start soon this year, with the major purpose to support IUH in developing a new HRD model which provides practical and creative engineers for the development of Vietnam’s heavy-chemical industry, Quan doi Nhan dan reported.

Within the framework of this Project, the capacity of IUH Campus in Thanh Hoa province (IUH Thanh Hoa Campus) will be strengthened in order to provide more practical and creative engineers in the fields of heavy-chemical industry, especially refinery industry, as pilot HRD model.

This model is expected to become the reference for the Government agencies, other education and training institutions and Vietnamese society to promote desirable model of HRD meeting the needs of industrial sector. The Project also aims at establishing the collaboration network between IUH and local industries, local communities for HRD.

The operation of large-scale plants in heavy-chemical industry in Thanh Hoa and neighboring provinces including the future Nghi Son Oil Refinery Plant requires huge number of employees. However, in these areas, the development of human resources fails to meet the industrial sector’s needs for employees, especially the source of practical and creative engineers, who can take initiative and work independently rather than working under the supervision and direction.

In this context, in response to the request of the Government of Vietnam, the Government of Japan decided to support this Project to develop human resources with the expectation to contribute to not only refinery sector but also heavy-chemical industries and others. Beneficiaries are not only limited to IUH Thanh Hoa Campus but also the whole system of IUH and other education and training institutions.-VNA