The Organisation of World Heritage Cities in Asia and the Pacific Region has joined hands with the Thai province of Ayutthaya in holding a discussion aimed at laying down development direction for World Heritage cities in the future.

The delegations from eight member countries in Asia and the Pacific, as well as Governor of Ayutthaya Apichat Todilokvech, the Deputy Mayor of Gyeongju, and delegates from UNESCO Bangkok, the Thai Ministry of Culture and the Fine Arts Department, have gathered in Ayutthaya to discuss the guideline for future cooperation in the development of World Heritage cities.

The discussion focused on the regulations for World Heritage cities to strictly follow to keep them within the UNESCO’s standards. They also discussed cultural exchanges and solutions to urgent issues such as urban developments which affect the value of the World Heritage.

The meeting also discussed the issuance of special laws on city planning and measures to push for concrete outcome of urban development.

Ayutthaya has been selected as the site for the second meeting of the Organization of World Heritage Cities in Asia and the Pacific Region as the latter eyed the province as interesting and important World Heritage city that could potentially become a model for other cities in the world.-VNA