Journalists at frontline of COVID-19 pandemic fight hinh anh 1 A reporter from Vietnam News Agency Television (Vnews) makes an interview in an area with high risk of infection. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - As governments and societies join hand to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the media has become more crucial than ever, both in providing accurate information and keeping the public informed.

Journalists across Vietnam are making their best efforts to bring timely and valuable news on the pandemic to the public.

Reporter Cao Thuy Giang of the VietnamPlus online newspaper, who has spent over 10 years covering the health care sector, said she has got used to the fact that breaking news relating to the sector must be reported immediately, regardless of day and night, weekend or normal days. However, for her, the fight against COVID-19 is the longest and most difficult battle.

Sometimes she suffers from stomach pains due to the stressful work, eating while working but she understands that she is not alone.

“After I submit the article, editors will have to edit it and then the editorial board will approve it. When we reporters wait for latest news, other people are waiting to do the next steps in order for the stories to be published as early as possible,” Giang said.

Journalists at frontline of COVID-19 pandemic fight hinh anh 2Journalist Cao Thuy Giang from VietnamPlus online newspaper is presented with consolation prize at the 2020 National Press Awards on Party Building, called Golden Hammer and Sickle. (Photo: VietnamPlus)

For journalist Viet Hoa, who covers the medical field at Bac Ninh Newspaper, whenever an outbreak is reported, she has to work twice or three times harder than on a normal day. In particular, when the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic began, Bac Ninh is one of the hardest hit "hot spots" with dozens of new cases every day.

Due to work pressure, Hoa usually sleeps about 4-5 hours a day. No matter what time she goes to bed, she always wakes up at about 5am every morning.

“I go to work when my children have not woken up, and when I return home at night, they are already asleep,” she said.

Hoa said she felt sad because she couldn’t take care of her children, adding that she had to ask her mother for help with the housework.

“When the pandemic occurs, the whole socio-political system struggles, not anyone. There are days when I leave the office at 11pm or midnight, but dozens of others still have to stay to do the remaining work for the newspaper to come out the next morning. Therefore, we encourage each other to strive hard," Hoa said.

She confided that working as a journalist requires the love of the profession.

“Every profession has both advantages and disadvantages, but journalism also needs social responsibility and professional ethics as well,” Hoa said.

Journalists at frontline of COVID-19 pandemic fight hinh anh 3Reporter Le Danh Lam from Vietnam News Agency’s bureau in Bac Giang province receives an award from the provincial Police Department. (Photo courtesy of Le Danh Lam)

Reporter Le Danh Lam from the Vietnam News Agency’s bureau in Bac Giang province said he took up the assignment at the bureau right when the pandemic returned. Together with his colleagues, he quickly joined the fight against the pandemic.

“While working, we feel the heat in the protective suits, the fatigue from lack of sleep, and see the constant anxiety on every face of the people here, but at the same time, we also feel the warmth of human connections more clearly than ever," said Lam.

He was impressed by the soldiers who help local farmers harvest agricultural products and the individuals and organisations who continuously send essential goods to support locals and frontline forces in pandemic areas.

These images are a great encouragement for reporters like Lam to overcome difficulties and also the inspiration for them to write touching stories.

Reporter Giang said that she wants to help people to have a better understanding about the pandemic and not stay out of this battle.

"Witnessing doctors and nurses working hard, I have a desire to make a small contribution to let people understand how hard they have worked and sacrificed,” she said.

Sharing his working experience, Nguyen Giang Nam, a photojournalist of To Quoc online newspaper, said it is very important to know the work location or the content of the programme in order to make proper preparation, especially in the context of the pandemic.

“Photojournalists are always present in hot spots with lots of stuff. When working in a quarantined area, we have to wear multi-layer protective gear and face shields. Thus, we try to bring only the essential things,” he said.

Journalists at frontline of COVID-19 pandemic fight hinh anh 4Nguyen Giang Nam, a photojournalist of To Quoc online newspaper. (Photo courtesy of Nguyen Giang Nam)

For Nam, the biggest motivation at work is his passion, wanting to capture simple but precious images and moments in the daily life and work of medical workers, soldiers and other frontline forces in pandemic prevention and control, and to convey them to readers.

“Photojournalists always have to arrive at the site early and return late. Before leaving the scene, we always have our camera ready because precious moments can come at any time,” he said./.