The central coastal province of Khanh Hoa earned more than 863 million USD from exports in the first nine months of this year, surpassing the yearly plan by nearly 8 percent.

The foreign-invested sector led the way with 430 million USD, or half of the province’s earnings. The private sector followed, bringing home nearly 363 million USD. Their main export items were cashew nuts, sand, seafood and sea-going vessels.

Major markets of Khanh Hoa concentrated in Asia, Europe and America.

In the same period, the province imported more than 318 million USD worth of goods, resulting in a trade surplus of 545 million USD.

Last year, the province posted 1.14 billion USD in export value and a trade surplus of 518 million USD. However, the target for this year has been lowered to 800 million USD taking into account the global economic downturn.

Meanwhile, the national figure for the first nine months of the year was 96.46 billion USD, a 17.5 percent rise over the same period last year.-VNA