Along with a Nha Trang Bay marine reserve run by the People’s Committee of Nha Trang city and a coral reef marine ecosystem protection area in Xuan Tu village, Van Hung commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa has also had a centre for the rescue and conservation of wild aquatic species operated by Vinpearl Land in Hon Tre island.

The Fisheries Sub-Department of Khanh Hoa has regularly coordinated with these offices to rescue and preserve maritime species and release them to the wild.

Meanwhile, it has advised the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to release fries to natural waters to reproduce natural fisheries resources every two years.

In response to the degradation of the coral reef in local waters, Nha Trang has banned diving and swimming activities in Nha Trang Bay area, especially around Hon Mun (Mun Island) from June 27. Prompt activities have also been conducted to protect and recover coral reefs and prevent activities that harm them in the waters./.