Thousands of square metres of degraded coral reefs in central Quang Nam and Khanh Hoa provinces have been restored thanks to a nursery project conducted by the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography between 2011 and 2013.

The project “Application of techniques for hard coral restoration in targeted marine areas” has revitalised over 10,700 square metres of coral in the Cham Islands (Cu Lao Cham) Biosphere Reserve in Quang Nam and the Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Khanh Hoa.

According to Dr. Dao Viet Ha from the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography, each coral species was placed in the most ecologically suitable areas, ensuring survival rates over 60 percent.

Coral coverage in Nha Trang Bay MPA has significantly expanded to 5,550 square metres and coral-reef fish density has grown 1.4 times in the northeast coast of Hon Mun Island and 2.1 times in Vinpearl. Additionally, several marine species were newly found in the area including giant clams.

The Cham Islands also enjoyed similar project outcomes as coral-reef fish density in the surrounding area multiplied 1.6 times and 1.2 times in Bai Bac and Bai Huong beaches, respectively.

After the conclusion of the project, managers of Nha Trang Bay, Vinpearl and the Cham Islands will apply their amassed knowledge and techniques to protect and further expand the coral reefs.-VNA