Fishermen in the central coast province of Khanh Hoa have been told to minimise their exploitation of fish stocks in a number of local lagoons and bays that have great ecological, tourism and economic value.

According to the province’s recent regulations on the management of marine resources, inshore fishing in Van Phong and Nha Trang bays and Thuy Trieu and Nha Phu lagoons will be strictly monitored in order to protect and develop local resources which will bring long-term benefits of the locality.

Under the new regulation, fishing boats with capacity between 20 and 90 CV will not be allowed to operate in the areas.

All types of fishing in the ecological recovery zones at Hon Mun marine reserve park will be banned. In Nha Trang bay, lobster trapping will also be prohibited.

Before now over 8,600 out of 9,800 local fishing vessels were exploiting aquatic products inshore, exhausting local marine resources as well as directly affecting the ecosystem and bringing down incomes from fishing.-VNA